About US

We are an adventure activity service provider in Rishikesh.

We have been working on the ground since 2010 under the name of Outdoor India, which is Ragisters in Uttarakhand Tourism. Since then, we have done 20K+ rafting rides and served over 25K+ adventure enthusiasts with services like camping,rafting, ziplining, etc.


Since 2021, we have built our digital presence under the name Raftingoo. Who might wonder what raftinggo is?

Actually, we wanted to name it Raftinggo, but when we couldn’t get our desired domain name, we took the name Raftingoo, but now we have both domain names available: Raftingoo.in and Raftinggo.in.

If you see any ads or digital presence by the name of Raftinggo, that’s us, and in the future, we will determine this domain name and work on Raftinggo.in.