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Raftingoo is an Online Inventory where you’ll find all the River rafting in Rishikesh related packages and offers. We are certified and awarded by Uttarakhand Tourism and our main office is in Shivpuri, Rishikesh. Our Rafting services are the most popular and loved services across India. 

Rafting Exclusive Packages

Marine Drive to Shivpuri 12KM

999 599/Per Person
  • Duration 1.30-2 Hours

Shivpuri to Nim Beach 16KM

1299 999/Per Person
  • Duration 2.30-3 Hours

Marine Drive to Nim Beach 26KM

1999 1499/Per Person
  • Duration 3-4 Hours

Kaudiyal to Nim Beach 36KM

3999 2499/Per Person
  • Duration 6-7 Hours

Explore The Rishikesh

Rishikesh is popular for Yoga and Adventure. River Rafting is one of the famous adventure sport in Rishikesh. People around the world travels here and enjoy the vibe of whiter water Rafting.

Our Guides

Vikas Chamoli

Vikash Chamoli is our river guide with a experience of more than 11 years. We have hired him because we are concern about our guests safety and experience . He has many achievement in the same field some of them are.
* Authorized by govt. of Uttarakhand
* He was in the rescue team during the flood relief in Kerala.
*Awarded by Indian Govt. on 26 Jan 2019
*He have experience of rafting in many rivers including ganga river, ladakh river, manali river
*Also, participated in national swimming championship in tehri lake.
*He is a fun loving and professional humankind with whom you can feel safe.
*Course completed- CPR and first aid.

Sunil Pundir

Sunil Pundir, another guide with a 10+ years of experience on river rafting in Rishikesh. He is also awarded with many certificates some of his achievements are
*Authorized by Govt. of Uttarakhand
*More then 10 years of experience as river guide
*Participated in ganga kayak festivals
*He also has done rafting in rivers of Ladakh, Manali and Kashmir
*Participated in national swimming championship in tehri lake.
*He is also a fun loving and professional humankind with whom you can feel safe
*Course completed- CPR and first aid.

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